5 American Road Trips That Will Change Your Perspective

It’s summertime! You know what that means, road trip! If you’re looking to get out and see more of the USA what better way to do it than by taking a nice long journey in the car? America has so many amazing cities to visit and immense miles of landscape to see that it’s almost impossible to decide where to go.

From the misty Blue Ridge Mountains on the east coast to the winding Pacific Coast Highway on the west coast these top American road trips will leave you with a longing to hit the road and see some of this incredible country.

The Southwest’s Four Corners

This road trip is 525 miles long and it starts in Flagstaff, AZ, where it takes you through the four states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. On this journey, you will discover the beautiful Painted Desert, a truly exquisite sight known for its brilliant and varied colors.

Also, make sure to take some time to stop in the various parks and tiny towns at the base of the Rocky Mountains where you can take a gondola ride up the mountain and gaze at the spectacular scenery. Try not to miss Telluride, CO, a quaint little town along the journey that’s filled with eccentrics and painters.

Skyline Drive, VA

Although it’s only 105 miles long, this short road trip is perfect for someone looking for a wildlife adventure. Skyline Drive will take you through the Shenandoah Valley, up the Blue Ridge Mountains and give you a chance to see some of the local wildlife including white tail deer, skunks, rabbits, and possibly even black bears.

There are abundant hiking trails to take advantage of on the journey, so make sure to pack your hiking gear. The Blue Ridge Mountains are sure to amaze you with their beauty and grace. If you travel early in the morning, watch out for the fog that comes in and settles on the mountains, making it hard to navigate through the mist.

Pacific Coast Highway, WA-CA

The enormous Pacific Coast Highway takes you all the way down (or up) the west coast of the USA. Starting at the north in Olympic State Park and running all the way down to the border of Mexico the Highway runs 1,650 miles long.

This road trip allows you to pass through some of the most diverse cities in the country. You’ll see Los Angeles, Portland, and San Diego, and so many more. However, the cities are not the only reason to take this journey. You can also see the Great Redwood Forests, where you can even drive your car through the massive ancient trees along the Avenue of Giants.

Alaska’s Seaward Highway, AK

If you really need to get out in the wild, Alaska is the place to go. This road trip will take you on a journey where there are practically no people, cars or traffic to get in your way. You can truly connect with nature and enjoy the 127-mile drive down the Seaward Highway.

Starting in the city of Anchorage, you’ll pass over the Kenai Peninsula and then eventually end up at the port city of Seward. On the journey, you can stop at Bird Point to see the beluga whales, and then move on to see Mount Alyeska, a breathtaking site which blooms with wildflowers in the summer months. Upon arrival in Seward, you can even get on a boat and go look for some wildlife such as the humpback whales, orcas, or even otters.

The Oregon Trail

If you have a sense of nostalgia for the olden days, the Oregon Trail might be the right road trip for you. This trip goes all the way from Oregon to Massachusetts and spans a distance of 3,300 miles! Some of the sites along this journey include Mount Rushmore, the Great Lakes, and even the famous Niagara Falls.

Also, the Oregon Trail takes you through Yellowstone National Park, a site not to be missed. This enormous national park sits on top of a dormant super-volcano and has geysers, waterfalls, and incredible wildlife and hiking opportunities. If you have the time to take a nice long road trip, the Oregon Trail is the journey to embark on.