Most Unique Airbnbs in the World

Whenever we think of Airbnb, we picture this luxury villa or an apartment we’ll never have access to in any other way…not anymore!  For your next vacation, skip the boring hotel room and stay in one of these unique rentals. From a remote treehouse to a seashell-shaped abode and an actual plane, here are some of the most unique Airbnb possibilities from around the world.

Secluded Treehouse (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

If you’re looking for a getaway in nature, you’re going to love this!  The treehouse, nestled amongst the trees, provides an intimate ambiance. Imagine walking up a wooden bridge lit with fairy lights and falling asleep to the sounds of nature.  It’s an oasis in the middle of a lush forest.

Sleep in a Plane (Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, France)

Ever think you’d spend the entire night on a plane? And no, taking on an overnight flight and sleeping the entire time doesn’t count…

If you answered yes to the previous question, your childhood dreams are about to come true; this plane turned guest room can fit up to four people, with one double bed and two single beds; it’s located in a great location just two minutes from the sea and nearby beaches. During the summer, there’s even a swimming pool and water slides on-site.

Windmill, Close to Amsterdam (Abcoude, Netherlands)

This Airbnb rental is exactly the kind of place fairytales are made of.

A few miles from Amsterdam, you’ll find a historic windmill. It’s a trip you won’t soon forget.  It’s cozy and offers various features, including a kitchen and living area in addition to a garden with a beautiful view. Rent a bike and cruise the countryside landscapes nearby.

Dome Room in the Sacred Valley (Pisac, Cusco, Peru)

The dome is ideal for couples or solo travelers. You’ll love the place because of its gardens, the location, and the views.  A peaceful location, ideal for relaxing in the stillness of nature, while discovering the historic hidden treasures of the Andean culture.

The dome is located at the base of Apu Pachatusan and surrounded by magnificent mountains.

The World Famous Seashell House (Aptos, California, USA)

Have you ever imagined living inside a seashell or bathing under a shell fountain?  The seashell house offers the chance to live like a mermaid. 

Take a dip in your own private pool surrounded by coconut trees, tropical plants, and visiting iguanas. A world away from the tourist crowds in Cancun, this place offers a tranquil ambiance just minutes from the nearby beaches.

Malibu Dream Airstream (Malibu, California, USA)

Who knew luxury can be found in an Airstream?

This really changes everything we thought about vacation accommodation.  This is the personal Airstream of a nature-loving Malibu designer who built it as his personal getaway from his busy hectic schedule. The Airstream has been redesigned into a large studio, opening up to a huge cantilevered deck with unrivaled views of the pristine Santa Monica Mountains, rolling down to the Pacific Ocean below.