Most Trending Haircuts For Women Over 40 (Updated)

The Modern Shag

Born in December, 1937, Jane Fonda is a bonafide Hollywood legend. The American actress, writer, political
activist, former fashion model and fitness guru is a two-time Academy Award winner, who even today, many years after
making her breakthrough in the early 1960s, is still making waves – including with her hair! Jane owns the ‘modern
shag’, and its layers help to frame her face and features. If you’re going to attempt something similar, molding gel
will help you with texture.

The Long Feathered Razor Cut With
Blunt Bangs

This style is best suited for those women who have naturally heavy hair; and especially if they decide they
want to keep some length. When it comes to styling, all you will need is a nice, strong rounded brush – and
your trusty hair dryer of course. Use these two to set the flyaway layers in place for the day, then all
you have to do is wait for people to notice your new look – which they certainly will!

The Centre Part Balayage Bob

A French word meaning to sweep or to paint, ‘Balayage’ is a freehand hair coloring technique that
provides a blended, natural look with no noticeable regrowth lines – it’s proving to be very
popular with celebrities and everyone else, so why not try it yourself! The technique uses patches
of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the color, so as you can see, the natural dark
brown of Eva’s hair gets a natural-looking splash of light from the caramel highlights.