This 360-Degree Eco-Friendly Hotel in the Arctic Is a Conscientious Traveller’s Dream

Nowadays it’s not really enough just to recycle your cans and plastic bottles if you want to have a positive impact on the planet and so many businesses are starting to cater to those of us that don’t want to be part of the problem anymore.

With sustainable farming produce, vegan restaurants and electric cars all on offer in our everyday lives to reduce our carbon footprint, what about holidays? Well, a new project is set to become the Arctic Circle’s first energy net-positive hotel.

On course to open in 2021, Svart will be a 360-degree hotel built as an extension of the Holandsfjord shoreline, Norway, that will generate more renewable energy that will be needed to build and operate it.

The hotel will be fitted with rooftop solar panels and geothermal wells to produce its own energy, but it is in the architecture of the building itself that real changes are being made, with it being optimized to use 85% less than other modern hotels. The physical construction of the structure has also been taken into consideration so as to leave a minimal footprint.

Zenual Khan, project manager of Snøhetta, Svart’s architect, explained: “By building such a sustainable structure, we thrive to encourage a more sustainable approach to tourism by making us socially conscious and aware of the way we live, travel, and experience exotic locations responsibly.”

He went on to say, “Nature in the Arctic is fragile and pristine. We have to respect the beauty of the location and not ruin what makes Svartisen an attraction in the first place.” As such, they needed to be careful not to destroy or contaminate the site, thus leading to a circular design made out of wood extending from the shoreline, suspended on poles to almost hovering over the water. The resulting 360-degree views of the fjord, mountain, and glaciers are a welcome product of this vision.

The inspiration behind the construction actually comes in part from two local structures – the “fiskehjell” and the “rorbue”, the first being a wooden structure for drying fish and the second a traditional house used by local fishermen.

Designed in collaboration with Arctic Adventures of Norway, Svart isn’t exactly appropriate for city breaks, but rather for the more adventurous with a wide range of outdoor activities to get stuck into, including hikes, kayaking and watching the Northern Lights.

According to the hotel’s website, they are also planning on introducing an energy neutral shuttle boat from the city of Bodø.