Get Your Detective Hat on for This Murder Mystery Weekend at the Twin Farms Hotel

With Airbnb Plus’ luxury service threatening to make traditional hotels irrelevant, some are facing the new challenge better than others and the more creative, the better.

The five-star Twin Farms hotel chain in Vermont, part of the Relais & Châteaux chain, is like most luxurious hotels, except it has created a three-day murder mystery weekend taking place from March 15th to 18th.

clues and Stave Puzzles to solve, some of the most expensive on the planet – it’s basically a live-action Clue.

Twin Farms are not the first to offer this kind of thing, but a luxurious weekend-long game with everyone taking part is certainly new territory – the idea behind the weekend is to create a fun atmosphere while being inside the hotel when it’s so cold and uninviting outside.

So, how does this extravagant murder mystery play out? The participants first have to find and solve a whole host of puzzles set up across the grounds on Thursday, before attending first the scene on Friday at cocktail hour.

This will continue on into dinner with staff and Stave handing out clues to some of the puzzles. Saturday kicks off with some more puzzles and then further scenes pertaining to the murder throughout the rest of the day.

Scattered across the property and involved in many of the weekend’s events, some of Stave’s puzzles are worth as much as $10,000, but if you don’t manage to figure them out, the staff are on hand to give you a helping hand so you can proceed to the next stage – it’s not meant to be too difficult to enjoy, after all.

After all the fun and games, it’s time to find out who did the crime, with the reveal coming on Saturday evening in a Snow White themed party.

This year is the fourth time Twin Farms have hosted a murder mystery weekend, with a different theme each time and all at no extra cost, but mainly because it’s already super expensive to spend a night there…$1,500 per night to be precise. At least it includes all your meals and a puzzle to take home so you can remember your weekend.

The main lodge of the hotel is an 18th century farmhouse, but there are 16 individual cottages scattered across the 300-acre grounds, a 26,000-bottle wine cellar, art gallery, pub, private ski trails, skating pond and a luxury spa to round it all off.

Twin Farms’ partners in crime for the weekend, Stave Puzzles, are some big hitters themselves, said to be the largest hand-cut jigsaw puzzle maker in America, with some very famous fans of their work, including Stephen King, Bill Gates and Queen Elizabeth II.