How to Holiday Like Sansa Stark on Coco Private Island in the Maldives

Sansa Stark might be more at home in the frozen north at Winterfell, but actress Sophie Turner seems to prefer something a little warmer and was recently seen with boyfriend Joe Jonas (yes, of the Jonas Brothers) on a private island in the Maldives.

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is an island nation to the southwest of Sri Lanka, famous for its atolls, blue lagoons, coral reefs, and beaches. As you would expect from someone currently starring in the most popular and high budget TV show of all time, Turner spared no expense, picking the private island of Coco Prive for her vacation.

You might be wondering, what is so special about Coco Prive? Well, for starters, it’s expensive. VERY expensive. One night on Coco Prive costs $45,000, so Turner’s one-week trip will have cost the 22-year-old at least $315,000 – maybe she went halfsies with Jonas?

For that kind of money you’d expect to be in the Garden of Eden and actually, Coco Prive isn’t far off it. The 1.4-hectare island can host up to 10 guests at a time for the starting price, with an extra $3000-a-head for additional people, making this the most expensive island in the world.

What will guests receive after paying such an exorbitant sum? Brought to Coco Prive via a 25-minute journey on a private luxury yacht, they are greeted by an entire island to themselves and 30 staff to cater to their every need, with no hidden costs. Guests are fed by a private chef and kept happy with all the alcohol they could want from their own cocktail bar.

There is a full spa and unlimited treatments from an in-house personal therapist, something worth taking full advantage off every single day.

If lounging around all day isn’t exactly your bag, though, then there is also a free-diving instructor, snorkeling trips and even a marine biologist to lead teach guests all about the marine life which surrounds the island.

For those that want to burn off a few more calories, there’s also canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, and SUPing. If you’re after something a little more cultured, then you can take part in Maldivian cooking classes, yoga, wine tasting and then wind down watching movies (or Game of Thrones) in your own outside theatre under the stars.

Besides the five villas, there is also a master residence, the Palm Residence, which boasts a wine cellar, library, dining area and a cocktail bar packed to the high heavens with all sorts of drinks. You’ll also find one of the largest private pools in the Maldives nearby, as well as an outdoor gym.

According to a spokesperson for the island, “Our range of tailor-made experiences is what makes your stay with us special.

“Whether you’d like a romantic sunset dinner on the beach organized by your private butler, a sandbank picnic or want to sleep under the stars, we can create this exactly how you’d like it.”