Man-Free Zone: Welcome to the Finnish Island Where Only Women Are Allowed

Rather than something out of a Greek epic about Amazon warrior women, this is a story about women in the modern world trying to feel safe, which in many ways is a sad reflection of how we find our society today, primarily regarding the recent explosion of the #MeToo campaign.

Sexual harassment against women is not a new phenomenon, but it has quite rightly become one of the main issues of the day and with women feeling more vulnerable than ever, one woman took quite an incredible step – to buy an island where absolutely no men are allowed.

The SuperShe Island is a women-only resort off the coast of Finland, bought and created by former consultancy business CEO Kristina Roth, founder of the SuperShe movement – a society for women to help facilitate networking and community building. Past events have included meetups in various exoctic places, but Roth decided to create a permanent base of operations for the gatherings.

Speaking to the New York Post about the idea behind the island, Roth explained why a man-free zone is important to allow her meetups to flourish: “When there was a cute guy, women would put on lipstick. The idea at SuperShe Island is, hey, focus on yourself – don’t try to get your hormones up.”

“There was something in the air in early 2017. Certainly the women’s movement, which kicked off with the women’s march in January 2017, struck a chord in me and in millions of women around the world,” said Roth. “I didn’t ever view it as a political statement but as unity and a pure expression of the esprit de corps. It inspired me to channel my devotion to wellness and inner transformation into something other women can enjoy and benefit from. I believed I’d been given the opportunity to share my passion with other woman in this new chapter of my life and I just could not ignore it.”

The 8.4 acre island is about one hour and twenty minutes from Helsinki airport and can currently host up to 10 women at a time in four luxurious cabins, each of which looks like a wonderful experience in and of itself.

The island isn’t yet open to the public, currently in use mainly by Roth’s inner circle, but there are plans to open the doors in June 2018, but only to women with SuperShe membership, which doesn’t come so easily. According to Roth, there is a rigorous vetting process in place to ensure “that you have an amazing personality — like upbeat, cool personality — because you’re on [an] island. That’s what’s going to make it fun and exciting for everyone.”

Once there, women “can expect activities such as yoga, meditation, healthy eating, cooking classes, fitness classes, and much more,” according to a representative for SuperShe.