25 Richest Towns In America – Ranked By Income

  1. McLean, Virginia

8548-A Georgetown Pike McLean, Virginia, United States – Luxury Home For Sale

McLean has an average household income of about $283,992. There is a common perception that wealthy and powerful leaders or politicians who have a strong influence in the law-making process rarely leave their desks or offices. Thus, the majority of influential politicians in the USA live in Washington DC. Nonetheless, there are a significant number of politicians who still commute between their homes and offices almost on a daily basis. The majority of those politicians live in McLean, Virginian, where they own expansive homes.

McLean is situated across the Potomac River on your way to Washington DC and it is known to be one of the small towns in the USA with massive wealth, as well as immense power. Some of the most powerful people who live in McLean include Ethel Kennedy, Dick Cheney and Colin Powel. Besides, CIA headquarters is located in McLean. Hence, we have concluded that McLean is one of the fancy placed or towns in the country.