Beloved Brands and Products to Stock Up on Before They Vanish

Are we nearing the end?

Are we nearing the end?

Don’t worry, we don’t mean the end of the world. But before you know it, some of America’s all-time favorite products, services and brands may be at risk of being no more. Rest assured, we’re here to give you a heads up so you can prepare your shelves and heart before they disappear for good. Here’s a look at an iconic and beloved list of household names you’ll want to revisit before they go beyond the endangered species list.

Wheaties Cereal

Remember the saying “Eat your Wheaties”? Well, you might not be hearing that one any more soon enough. Once one of America’s favorite cereals, the one that featured the biggest sport icons of our time, has seen its sales on a steep decline in recent years. The reason? Between the huge range of breakfast choices on the supermarket shelf, including those great on-the-go burritos, to a next generation of brunch venues popping up at every corner, it seems that Wheaties has become a somewhat of a forgotten brand.


Once everyone’s favorite desert (remember “There’s always room for Jell-O”?), in today’s health-conscious market, there may simply be no more space available for what this classic dessert is offering. Sadly, Jell-O could become another fond memory thanks to America’s current preference for healthier, more natural foods.
But before we get too pessimistic, the good news is that this wiggly-jiggly delight is trying to get back on top by launching new, fun, and above all, healthier products for the next generation of Jell-O fans. How does Edible slime sound? We don’t know if we’d like to eat it or play with it, so we’ll let you decide on that one.


Love them or loath them, Crocs were once a huge fashion icon across America. True, when it comes to fashion, they aren’t the prettiest, but just between us, they do have a kind of magic. But all good things come to an end, and in 2018 the company announced the closing of 184 stores.
The reasons for the brand’s downfall vary: some say it’s the durable (too durable) foam material that holds for so long, we never need to buy another pair, others simply don’t mind switching to similar, cheaper options from copy-cat brands. In an attempt to keep its head above water, Crocs have come out with additional styles and designs. What’s next for Crocs? Your guess is as good as ours.

Diet Pepsi

Once considered the “healthier” option for soft drink enthusiasts looking to maintain their weight, it seems that those days are no more. The sales of this once super popular brand have been going down the drain, and not just in America. In recent years, people all over the world have become more and more aware of the even unhealthier effects of sugar substitutes. Yes, even worse than pure sugar. Today, while healthier, naturally flavored drinks have become popular, any attempt to regain its throne would almost seem pointless for diet Pepsi.