Beloved Brands and Products to Stock Up on Before They Vanish

Are we nearing the end?

Don’t worry, we don’t mean the end of the world. But before you know it, some of America’s all-time favorite products, services and brands may be at risk of being no more. Rest assured, we’re here to give you a heads up so you can prepare your shelves and heart before they disappear for good. Here’s a look at an iconic and beloved list of household names you’ll want to revisit before they go beyond the endangered species list.

Wheaties Cereal

Remember the saying “Eat your Wheaties”? Well, you might not be hearing that one any more soon enough. Once one of America’s favorite cereals, the one that featured the biggest sport icons of our time, has seen its sales on a steep decline in recent years. The reason? Between the huge range of breakfast choices on the supermarket shelf, including those great on-the-go burritos, to a next generation of brunch venues popping up at every corner, it seems that Wheaties has become a somewhat of a forgotten brand.


Once everyone’s favorite desert (remember “There’s always room for Jell-O”?), in today’s health-conscious market, there may simply be no more space available for what this classic dessert is offering. Sadly, Jell-O could become another fond memory thanks to America’s current preference for healthier, more natural foods.
But before we get too pessimistic, the good news is that this wiggly-jiggly delight is trying to get back on top by launching new, fun, and above all, healthier products for the next generation of Jell-O fans. How does Edible slime sound? We don’t know if we’d like to eat it or play with it, so we’ll let you decide on that one.

Campbell’s Soup

For years, Campbell’s Soup has been one of America’s truly iconic food pantry items. But over the last decade Campbell’s has started to lose its food appeal among American consumers and households. It could be the sway towards organic or more homemade soup options, but whatever the reason be, it seems that even this iconic labeling may have run its course. If you still love a good old-fashioned bowl of Campbell now and then, now’s a good time to stock up before this soup goes down the drain.


Love them or loath them, Crocs were once a huge fashion icon across America. True, when it comes to fashion, they aren’t the prettiest, but just between us, they do have a kind of magic. But all good things come to an end, and in 2018 the company announced the closing of 184 stores.
The reasons for the brand’s downfall vary: some say it’s the durable (too durable) foam material that holds for so long, we never need to buy another pair, others simply don’t mind switching to similar, cheaper options from copy-cat brands. In an attempt to keep its head above water, Crocs have come out with additional styles and designs. What’s next for Crocs? Your guess is as good as ours.


What? You heard that one right. Put on some blues because iTunes is officially coming to an end. The world’s favorite one stop site for music, movies, TV shows, games and more will be soon closing shop, as the latest iOS update is discontinuing the official iTunes store for Apple computers.
But wait, there’s still good news. Instead, Apple fans will be treated to three specialty online stores: Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcasts. So, if you couldn’t image a life without iTunes, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to access all your favorite tunes on Apple Music. You can relax now.

Diet Pepsi

Once considered the “healthier” option for soft drink enthusiasts looking to maintain their weight, it seems that those days are no more. The sales of this once super popular brand have been going down the drain, and not just in America. In recent years, people all over the world have become more and more aware of the even unhealthier effects of sugar substitutes. Yes, even worse than pure sugar. Today, while healthier, naturally flavored drinks have become popular, any attempt to regain its throne would almost seem pointless for diet Pepsi.

Old Country Buffet

For those days where we just don’t know what we fancy to eat, nothing spells “something for everyone” like a visit to the Old Country Buffet. They’ve got it all. And the ice cream buffet? Heavenly. Already off the map of many states, one of America’s favorite eat ins could soon be a thing of the past. In the last few years, the American-style buffet chain was forced to close the doors of dozens of its branches, leaving a mere 20 open as of today. Love the taste and variety of the Old Country Buffet? Make sure to grab a big plate next time (and maybe some large take-away bags) and stock up on extra big portions.

Fabric Softener

Ready for a hard fact on fabric softeners? Over the last decade, sales of fabric softeners have dropped 17% across the U.S. It seems consumers (that’s you!) just don’t have a soft spot for softeners anymore. The reason? Market studies show that product benefit perception among millennials simply isn’t strong. It seems many people don’t believe that fabric softener is still the x-factor for softer and more aromatic laundry and aren’t willing to pay for it. A future without fabric softener? The signs say ‘yes’.

The iPod

Remember the days when all of us had the same dilemma: which glossy iPod nano color to choose amongst the rainbow of options? Those day seem to be coming to an end along with those familiar audio clicks every time we moved our fingers in circular motion to select our next favorite track.
Between the amazing technology our smartphones now hold and the next generation iPod touch, the demise of the iPod has been on a steady course in recent years. Even Apple’s most devoted and optimistic fans realize that chances of a revival for America’s once most favorite music player are slim to none. Still have an iPod tucked away? Don’t throw it out as they may have bona fide value amongst nostalgia collectors in years to come.


Will the luxury brand’s trademarked iconic turquoise bags soon be a thing of the past? Recent years has seen the jewelry company’s stock decline by over 20% with slowing sales and drop in prestige. But there may be sparkle of hope. New management has recently come in to tackle the task of re-branding, starting with a move to a growing online presence. But that’s not all Tiffany’s needs to do. Consumer trends have been swaying away from the tradition Tiffany’s design, and excessive spending is down, especially on those over-sized diamond engagement rings. A world without Tiffany’s? Time will tell.

Chef Boyardee

It used to be so easy. You’d come back from a long day at work, open a can of good ol’ Chef Boyardee, sit back and enjoy a ready in minutes hot dinner. But today, beyond convenience, health awareness and ingredients have become America’s main issue when it comes to packaged foods. That spells bad news for America’s favorite chef in a can.
The days where every household had Chef Boyardee in the cupboard are no more as shoppers are steering away from processed, can foods, in favor of fresher options. And although the once beloved canned food icon has made an effort to switch to healthier ingredients, not everyone is buying into it.

Harley Davidson

In recent years, motorcycle sales across the U.S. have been on a steady decline. The younger on the go generation seems to be deserting the dreams of their parents with hair (or helmet) breezing through the wind across rural America. One of the biggest, most famous motorcycle brands to suffer from the trend is none other than America’s most iconic brand- Harley Davidson.
Market analysts are now predicting that motorcycle sales will continue to gas down due to today’s popular and cost-effective alternative transport methods such as Uber, electric bikes and scooters, even efficient public transportation available in every major city. And let’s not forget those regular gear bikes that have made a huge comeback over the last decade, and not solely amongst health junkies.


What’s the deal with Aeropostale? In 2016 the fashion brand announced that it had filed for bankruptcy before closing 162 stores only to reopen 500 stores a year later that had previously been closed. Confused? So are we. Whatever the case, Aeropostale has been facing tough competition. Between old rivalries such as Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle and hundreds of new and upcoming brands eager to conquer the market, things aren’t looking good for this iconic American fashion brand.

Breakfast Cereal

We’re not going to sugar coat this one, so here it is: consumers today are starting to sway away from breakfast cereals. The numbers speak louder than words. from General Mills to Kellogg’s, sales for cereals across America have reportedly dropped over 5% from 2010 to 2015. In an attempt to avoid shutting down production lines, cereal manufacturers are milking revenues for all they are worth, trying to come up with new and innovative ideals to target those stubborn millennials. Them again? Yes. Seemingly, this consumer segment simply cannot be bothered to eat cereal. The reason (and we’re not kidding..), almost half of millennials claimed that cereal is too tedious for their schedule and that they prefer to eat something on the go rather than cleaning up after. There you have it.


America’s favorite ear-piercing hub, at times it seemed like almost everyone from your mommy to your granny was heading over to Claire’s to get a new piercing. This famous jewelry and accessory chain even claims to have been responsible for over 100 million ear piercings ears since its launch back in 1978. 100 million! But even with the number of ears in the U.S., there’s only so many ears one chain can pierce. Handing out all those free piercings hasn’t helped company profits either. No surprise, company stock has been falling for years, forcing Claire’s to close shop across many mall locations. Come 2018 Claire’s declared bankruptcy, so don’t be surprised if might need to look elsewhere for your next piercing.


Once a global leader in weight loss products, recent years holding fierce competition, haven’t been kind to the acknowledged brand. For people looking to trim down that extra weight, there seem to be endless options today beyond the been there done that shakes and mixes that SlimFast has to offer.
Actually, the company was sold for $350 million in 2018. Think that’s a lot? In the year 2000 the same SlimFast was sold for a titanic $2 billion. And as the company’s star continues to fade as fast as a devoted dieter’s waistline, SlimFast is actually trying to fatten up its product line with new choices. Unfortunately, not everyone is swallowing it up.

Department Stores

From makeup to perfume to fashion to home supplies to everything in between, department stores used to be a one stop shop for anyone and anything. Sounds familiar? That’s because the internet literally offers the same variety, at cheaper prices and better convenience. Internet shopping has changed retail from toe to toe while stamping out other physical channels of retail. And department stores are especially suffering. The best they can do? Open their own online activity with hope to win back former loyal customers. The interesting part? The more successful department stores become online, the more they actually hurt their own physical locations. How’s that for a vicious cycle?


Once a household name and one of the leading appliance brands in America, there wasn’t a home in the U.S. that you couldn’t find a Kenmore appliance. And while sold exclusively at Sears, the former largest U.S. seller of appliances, Kenmore dominated that market. But with the closing of Sears, Kenmore took a major blow. But that wasn’t the only reason for its major drop in sales. Even before the collapse of Sears, Kenmore wasn’t successful in keeping up with the “smart refrigerator” generation. ESL Investments, Sears CEO Eddie Lampert’s hedge fund, most recently offered to buy the troubled retailer’s Kenmore appliance division for $400 million. Let’s see how that goes.

Chevrolet Cruze

Once upon a time if you’d have looked to the left, then to the right, you’d probably see two Chevrolet Cruzes. Not surprisingly, the Chevy Cruze used to be the company’s main moneymaker. Then why is the Chevrolet Cruze being discontinued?
With so many other companies releasing their own crossover model today, Chevrolet saw a steep drop in sales, leading to finally pulling the brakes on future production. Will there be a comeback? Maybe. We believe we haven’t heard the last from Chevrolet.

E-Book Readers

Just between us- books have always been better, haven’t they? But seriously, in recent years, sales of the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook have been on the slide. But not because people are going back to books. People are simply reading less. And when they do, they have no problem to do so on their larger than ever smartphone screens as an alternative to the formerly popular E-readers. But for some of us, there’s still no alternative to a physical book. Therefore, with conventional print still going strong on one hand, and bigger smartphones beginning to take over the digital reading realm, E-readers are struggling to find their niche in today’s world of words.

Point-And-Shoot Digital Cameras

Who needs to carry around a “real” camera today when our smartphones have everything we need, including amazing resolution built in cameras? If you’re a pro photographer, you probably weren’t using a point and shoot digital to begin with anyway. The rest of us can most likely settle for our always present smartphones for all our special moments and selfie needs.
Released in 2007, it was the iPhone that started the downtrend for point and shoot digital cameras. Since then the capabilities of our smartphones improved beyond our wildest expectations, leaving dust of irrelevancy on our old digital cameras.

Cash Registers

Despite their cool appeal, cash registers are beginning to have less and less significance in modern retail. Today, retailers can easily access a wide range of payment systems and technologies that benefit businesses far greater than an old-school cash register.
These once loved boxes are becoming more and more inconvenient when it comes to maintenance, let alone the irrelevance of those without connection to the internet. Over the last few years, various form of e-commerce and digital payments solutions have become dominant, threatening the future existence of cash registers.

Arabica Coffee

Wake up coffee lovers! That stimulating, fruity tasting Arabica coffee bean coffee we all drink and love could very soon be hard to get our lips around. The reason? Droughts, floods, and disease in key production countries like Brazil are critically endangering the continuing steady production of our favorite coffee bean. Next time you chill with a relaxing cup of latte, enjoy every sip because in a few years you may have to travel farther, and pay more for that same moment of pleasure.

iPhone XS

After launching three newer models, Apple’s iPhone X has been discontinued by the beloved company. This is surprising due to the fact that the iPhone X has actually sold extremely well, a top selling model according to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. But after launching the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, Apple decided it’s best move was to remove the X from the product line. There is a ‘but’. Although the popular model will be discontinued in many countries, it will still be available for purchase in developing markets, so ordering it on eBay shouldn’t be a problem anytime soon.


After boasting over three million subscribers in its prime, it seems like the end may be near for MoviePass after plunging to 215,000 members in May, 2019. MoviePass actually temporarily suspended its service in the name of delivering better service for its customers, but by the looks of it, that simply won’t be enough.
The movie theater subscription service hasn’t indicated how long they’ll be going awol, but at it seems, MoviePass isn’t currently accepting new subscribers and have also taken down their mobile app for maintenance.


So American is the concept of bulk warehouse club goods, it should probably be added into tour guides. These consumer magnets offer anything and everything from colossal boxes of toilet paper rolls, to two hundred pizza rolls in one box. And while still highly popular in present time, some analysts are claiming that they may soon become a thing of the past. You guessed it- millennials. These next generation consumers, many of them single or of small families, simply don’t have the time, the patience or the need for bulk goods. And this trend isn’t about to change.


Say ‘Kodak’ and most people will likely think of a camera or a roll of film. But recently, Kodak has gone far and beyond its traditional area of expertise. The famous camera brand has been getting its feet wet in the world of Cryptocurrencies, leaving many consumers, and stock holders, confused.
Kodak launched KodakCoin as a method for photographers to receive payment for usage of their personal images. Did this help the stock? Temporarily. After the initial hype the market saw another retreat in stock value, leaving investors not only confused but also frustrated. As for their traditional cameras, Kodak have taken a backseat to innovation and production and even sold some patents. So, don’t expect to see anything from Kodak in the near future, unless it’s in a used electronics store.

Bars of Soap

Once upon a time there wasn’t a bathroom in America that didn’t have a bar of soap placed by the tub or sink. But just take a look and you’ll see, they’re probably even vanishing from yours, being replaced by the more convenient liquid soaps and body washes. And it’s not surprising. Sales of soap bars have fallen dramatically over the past decade, especially amongst young consumers. Many also feel that soap bars are covered in germs. The truth? They’re actually correct on that one.

Landline Phones

It might still take some time, but our landline phones are slowly but steadily losing ground. Especially amongst businesses who are starting to rely more and more on cost-effective forms of wireless communication alternatives like WiFi and VOIP. Additionally, since 2013, 40% of American homes have stopped using landlines and prefer the quick and simple use a mobile phone. Surprising? Not really. With all our contacts a short click away on our mobiles, and great call quality, there’s no true benefit to use landline.

Dial-Up Internet

Wait, didn’t that already disappear? Although we just love the nostalgic sound of a dial-up modem connecting to the internet, how many of us would actually prefer dial-up over high-speed? That’s right. In today’s fast paced world there’s simply no substitute for high-speed internet. Still used by 3% of Americans, and some developing and third-world countries, while also not being cost-effective, a global digital future is inevitable and will lead to dial-up internet soon to be a relic of the past.


Fiat used to be one of the go-to options for Americans looking for a compact, yet chic car. But for reasons unknown, somehow Fiat has managed to drop off that same go-to list. At least that’s what the company financial reports show. Fiat’s recent year poor performance in the U.S. market has resulted in the Italian automotive company announcing it would be pulling out in reverse through many parts in the U.S.
Of course, Fiat will continue to sell strong in Europe, so it’s not likely the company will go chapter 11 anytime soon. But in the States, with trends swaying towards larger, more practical cars like SUVs, Fiat will have to pull out a miracle to compete with its many mighty competitors.


Every king can only reign for so many years. And the ‘king of beers’ is no exception. But in recent years, even this iconic alcoholic king has lost its crown while falling to the #4 position on the domestic beer top seller list. The reasons are many, but it mainly has to do with the endless choices within the beer and alcoholic market. From flavors to ingredients and with so many alternative alcoholic beverages hitting the market, including alcohol lemonade, cider, teas and many more, consumers have all the reasons to ditch the traditional for something a little bit more exotic and exiting. So, stock up, cause this one’s for you Budweiser.


You’ll likely find GoPro-branded action cameras on store shelves for many years to come. As it successfully became synonymous with action cameras.
however GoPro’s market has been surprisingly small, and as tech advanced it brought down any real entry barriers.
Result? The company is bleeding loses and the revenue line is flat with no innovative, new products in the pipeline.

The Container Store

How we loved to decide we’re going to organize our lives and the first step was to go to The Container Store and get boxed for all our junk.
It was almost therapeutic.
But now with so many cheaper options online and competition from home (the Marie Kondo show really got everyone into the organization game) it’s going to be a real challenge to stay relevant as a store retail business.


The firearm manufacturer was on the brinks of bankruptcy recently. There’s much to be said in this case: it was sued over the Sandy Hook shooting which after many investors have distanced themselves from the brand and the shift in public opinion for stricter gun laws in the means there may not be any growth in Remington’s foreseen future.


For years everybody is saying to us Sears is about to vanish but this time it really could be it.
After hedge-fund manager Edward Lampert spent $5.3 billion to save it from total liquidation and spending the last year selling pieces of the company it’s running out of pieces to sell and it still fail to show any sign of yearly profits and the company is bleeding money.

Nine West

Nine West’s reports are a glum read. They have $1.5 billion in debt is in final negotiations to restructure, has one of the highest debt-to-earnings ratios, with debt exceeding 19 times adjusting earnings This includes a Chapter 11 bankruptcy which forced her selling parts of its business like the Easy Spirit brand.
It also closed most of its stores and around 20 stores still work today.


Quiznos used to run 5,000 stores nationwide in 2007 and was declared as the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the country but competition with other chains and taste changes brought them to fewer 600 venues today.
So today you need to travel a bit to get those Gyros


Same old story - some guys have a good idea, they start small, build a brand, build a community, raise hundreds of millions of dollars and right before the scheduled IPO,
Everyone realizes there is no foreseen financial viable future for the company.
But with the of competing brands, investors concerns and shifting public opinions and planned heavy layoffs put the future in the mist.

Volkswagen Beetle

Even if you never owned a car, the Volkswagen Beetle has been an instantly recognizable icon for years. Between the adorable shape and vibrant colors all it took was once glance at this iconic car brand to fall in love. But soon enough, you may not be seeing many of these on the road any more as the popularity of the Beetle as a car of choice has been steering in the wrong direction with American consumers.
Since the 1940’s, sales of the Beetle across America have been hot, then some times not. That may be the reason that Volkswagen recently announced that a final edition of this classic moto-icon is scheduled for release next year. End of the road for Beetle in the U.S.? Definitely seems like it.

Google +

Yup, that’s right, Google was finally forced to close its social network. That’s what happens when you try to go against the almighty Facebook. Starting April 2019, everyone who ever had a Google+ profile saw it shut down, and with it see all their personal content, from posts to vids, get wiped off the face of the internet. Although the social network did enjoy popularity upon launch, with time Google+ just couldn’t keep up with the pace of innovation at Facebook.