29 Drag Race Queens We Need To Bring Back For RuPaul’s All Stars

Hey there squirrel friends!

Season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars is already making our tongues pop and our wigs snatched all the way up to ceiling. This season has been like no other, to say the least. The ups and downs have made us shout ‘look over there’ numerous times, and we need a pause. Like, a nice Aiden Zhane nap in the workroom pause. We though we’d take a break, channel out inner judges panel, and take a closer look at the remaining queens that are still waiting for their glorious reality TV entrance to the Drag Race Hall of Fame.
Let’s start with the original drag race queen to Sashay Away, the one, the only, the sensational gravy queen….

Victoria "Porkchop" Parker

Porkchop was THE original queen to sashay away on the first season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. Blurry filter and all. Since then she has graced our screens in numerous cameos and audience shots that gave us little bites of her incredible personality and sense of humor. Honestly the time has come, we’re hungry, we need MORE Porkchop in our lives. This is the perfect opportunity for mama Ru to bring back her original eliminated queen for the long awaited encore. Who know’s, she might be able to chop the competition (sorry, we know…)
Favorite Porkchop moment - Her first grand finale cameo will always have a special place in our hearts.


You wanna talk action? You wanna talk controversy? You wanna talk sickening looks and and a Nurse attitude? Well thank god for Willam!
One of the show’s most talented and controversial queens has never been properly eliminated from the show. During the show’s fourth season, Willam apparently broke the rules by, take a sip, meeting his spouse behind the scenes when he wasn’t allowed. That was it for Willam who was on a roll that could have led him to the crown. Since his time on the show Willam has appeared on numerous TV shows, and even had a big role in ‘A
Star is Born’ starring Lady Gaga.
Favorite Willam Moment - Walking around the workroom shouting “NURSE! NURSE!”

Laganja Estranja

The name that says it all…
 Estranja is the birth child of Alyssa Edwards. The legend says that Laganja was born with a fully snatched wig and a half smoked blunt.
 In all seriousness, this sickening queen gave us LOTS of drama, numerous gag-worhy looks, and dance moves we’ve never seen before or since.
It’s 2020 people, we NEED Laganja back in our lives (preferably with legal weed).
Favorite Laganja Moment - Her sitting under a desk in the workroom. What where you thinking gurl?

Kim Chi

She came to chop suey the competition, and spiced up our lives with never before seen looks, incredible makeup work, and just okay dance moves (when she wasn’t falling over). Kim Chi is one of the main Drag Race MVPs, and it’s beyond us why she wasn’t included in previous All Stars seasons. She better be on season six because child, this is one queen who cannot be away from out screens for long.
Favorite Kim Chi Moment - The second we realized she was one shady queen.

Alexis Michelle

This incredible broadway leading lady came in fifth place on season nine, and proved that you can be a fierce queen without throwing shade and forcing plot lines on every episode.
We need to bring her back for All Stars just to see her reprise her role as Kris Jenner which was PHENOMENAL.
Side tea: Did you know Alexis went on a date with season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen? Sources say they ended up at her place, watching their audition tapes for the show. We guess that’s what you call it today…
Favorite Alexis Michelle Moment - Chiiiild, you can probably guess it.