Funniest Protest Signs Ever Seen

This Guy Is Just Telling How It Is

How long can you hold a sign?

This guy may bring his personal protesting problems to the public,

But we can't stay mad at him just for bringing a smile to our face


Going With The Herd While Staying True

Know the feeling of being left out?

Being the only one not knowing what is going on?

This guy is only searching for answers in the crowd.


So Cute Indeed

Most people think they're cute.

Not many are bold enough to scream it out loud.

Not to mention post it on a sign.


Dad Jokes In a Whole Other Level

Ever asked your dad for a few bucks?

It's very likely some heard this phrase instead of leaving with bills in the pocket

We do wonder where this guy got all the bills to make this costume


Don't Complain All The Time

Yes there's a lot to protest about

But many will ask you to try and see the glass half full right?

This woman decided to spread some optimism around.