Confusing DNA Test Results for Identical Triplets

Everyone would like a shot at fame. Hopefully, you have heard the saying “No guts, no glory”. Some people may get themselves in fame whilst others are unluck. In the Dahm sisters’ case, it’s a concoction of fate, genetics, hardwork and beauty. The essay will dwell on the lives of the infamous, Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm, commonly referred to as Dahm triplets, and how a DNA test revealed a shocking truth that threatened to downgrade their hard-earned fame/lives.

Early life and introduction to the world

On December 12, 1977 three angels touched down from heaven, in the small town of Jordan, Minnesota. Their parent were wondering how they could have three babies simultaneously. Though this worry is a common phenomenon to any other parents. To their consolation, the trio come out in full energy and of sound health. Anyone could see they surpassed expectations with their blonde hair, bluish eyes and awesome body physiques. Their smiles were enough to symbolize successful life ahead of them, however, their lives would take many interesting and unexpected turns …

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Distinguishing Issues

Interestingly, their parents could differentiate who is who among their babies. Tp solve this amazing puzzle they come up with idea of tottoes in order to differentiate them, so they gave two of them tattoos on their backsides in the form of dots. Playboy magazine through interview established that Nicole has one dot — since she is technically the firstborn — followed by Erica, who has two, and Jaclyn, who has none. Amazingly, the triplets are known to have the same personalities, stay close to each other, go with the same fashion clothes making it more difficult to tell them apart. It’s pretty hard to imagine the sheer confusion from having to keep track of kids in the first place, let alone when they all look identical. Suffice to say, the parents thought it was worth it in the long run.

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Celebrity started from their tender age

Growing up in a small town and being unique, the three angels were well known within their region. This expanded even to their city at large before achieving celebrity status. Indeed, less than 3,000 people were living there at the time during their childhood years, so you can easily figure they quickly ascended the popularity totem pole from an early age. In what some will call fate, the trio were greatly advantaged and were already somewhat accustomed to fame and glamour before actually achieving or working for it. Thanks to their notoriety, uniqueness and beauty. Several modeling agencies were quick to offer them lucrative deals. This is where successful journey kicked off.

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Hive mind

Apart from their similar look, the triplets were of one mind, pretty much, especially in the sense that they participated in many activities together. According to another interview with Playboy, one of them said they were often referred to in public as “you three” or “The Triplets.” And when we say hive mind, we really mean that As expected, they hung out in the same friend circles, loved the same toys, wore same fashion clothes among other things. You would assume they would have gotten sick of each other at some point, but it seems their sisterly love only served to draw them closer together in the long run. No one would have ever thought of separating them, let it be marriage, education or job.

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Venturing into Modelling Industry

At tender age of 16, the three angels landed on the cover of Teen Magazine and thereafter at 21, they sprang into the Playboy modeling scene. It seems like it pays to have three clones of a beautiful person. Who would doubt it? Little did they know, this modelling adventure would served as their springboard to celebrity, and hey, when you’re encountering success that fast, then why not take the fast track into fame and fortune? However, what they later attempted to do may surprise you, given their beginnings …

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Shift of career

Being young and full of ambitions, modelling was not getting it all, so they turned to education. Upon entering the University of Minnesota, they enrolled to the same career (nursing) , remember this was necessiated by their mentality of hive-mind.. We can probably deduce they wanted to work at the same hospital, too or all treat the same patient. It is getting more fun! By good or bad luck, this would be short-lived after they saw an advertisement flyer on campus. The flyer reads that Playboy needed models specifically for a “Big Ten” edition. Since this is what they could best, they left college all together again. Given their experience in modellingwe suppose is a legitimate reason to do so …

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Do it for the ‘Playboy’

They did photo soot that later helped them to strengthen their careers and consequently attained some measure of celebrity. Little did they know their application would fundamentally change their lives altogether, too. Eventually, a casting agent noticed their unmatched beauty and offered them the job. When the time came for the photo shoot, they had to decide whether they wanted to be topless for the job. After much deliberation, the girls decided to agree on the condition they did it together. Hey, at least they stuck to their values in the end?

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Is Blood thicker than water?

Sometimes modelling life is a challenging venture compared to other jobs. This is further compounded when it involve hard labor. The industry can certainly present models with difficult choices. These choices can either lead to career ascension or a slow descent. In Dahm’s case, it was between choosing the job or sisterly love. According to an interview with Playboy magazine in 1998, Jaclyn stated they never would have agreed to the photo shoot if it weren’t for their decision to participate together. This again proves they are inseparable…

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The next big thing

After several interviews particularly Playboy allowed them to quickly move up the ranks in their vocational interests, namely, in terms of their prominence. This made them more popular across entertainment fraternity. Thanks to their efforts as they made successful lifestyles for themselves. And Erica even attributes Playboy to their success, calling it an “amazing experience.” This eventually led them to the shocking DNA test on the The Doctors show that would change their lives forever. It is possible they have different DNA test results? Keep reading…

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Big Audience

After their exposure to playboy resulted to attaining success pretty soon than expected As a matter of fact, in 1999, they landed an acting role on the cherished ’90s show Boy Meets World as triplets who live close to Eric Matthews in the dorms during college. What a lucky guy! Or maybe not. In the show, they’re depicted as three beautiful women who Matthews will likely never have a chance at any sort of relationship with. They would later even appear on the popular game show Family Feud and win an impressive $10,000.

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Financial Breakthrough

As they continue to gain fame and fortunes, on the three sisters, reign victorious on the show know as House Wars. This would lead to their next opportunity: Renovate My Family, a former reality TV show airing on FOX. It basically combined self-improvement with home improvement — a curious duo for a reality series. This, of course, led to more financial success — to this day, they’re worth approximately a combined $12 million — and popularity. Perhaps more importantly, though, this was where they would be introduced to the Dr. Phil show, because Erica met his son, Jay McGraw, on the reality show.

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From Dr. Phil’s son to the DNA test

The trio participated on a show called The Doctors and after meeting McGraw DNA test was issue was introduced. On the show, various health issues are expounded upon by a professional group of doctors. Sometimes, prominent people and celebrities alike will make appearances on the show to discuss health topics. The strategy worked perfectly well as there were unknown regards about triplets and the sheer novelty of what entails them. This speculations helped to develop particular unknown entertainment backdrop to what you would expect next.

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Positive Public Reception

The trio started talking about their person life on the show, this was particularly after marrying McGraw. During the episode, they would talk about their lives, well-being, and how that relates to their everyday routine as triplets. The public loved what they talked about, public was very receptive since their lives indeed are interesting to mention the least. And, of course, their photogenic beauty and extraordinary cladding certainly helped garner more attention, too. This would eventually lead to more appearances on the show, which eventually led to the producers’ next genius idea for a ratings boost …

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Three pregnancies

Was it fate or coincedence? All three women got pregnant around the same time in late 2009. This did not only surprise the public but also trio themselves. This special case made the show more popular and its rating was incomparable. It’s pretty amazing to witness three people who look and act practically the same get pregnant at the same time. Unevitably, this would lead to the girls appearing on the show more and the producers brainstorming for yet another ratings hike idea.

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Triplet Bond

Interestingly, the Dahm trio delivered three gorgeous babies, all girls! Another fate or coincidence? That’s right, they were all the same gender and born within mere weeks of each other, too. One of the interview conducted by Playboy, Jaclyn joked the pregnancies must be part of a “triplet bond.” Obviously, it wouldn’t be of much beneficial if the trio participated in a big TV show while pregnant. So the producers let them appear on the show in early 2017 to talk about their new lives as mothers, and introduce their idea for the next steps on the show.

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The origin of the Big Idea

It all started with McGraw and other producers on the The Doctors when they presented Dahm triplet with a peculiar idea. Which later become a big show. Ss you’ll see, it was certainly a well-thought-out and detailed strategy, one that would wow viewers everywhere. A reporter form Inside Edition was brought so as to test the credibility of ever-increasing ancestry tests. And since there has been no record of using the technology on triplets, they decided to move forward. The results keeps the audience guessing and made the show popular but the results were surprising and potentially life-changing, jsu to mention the least.

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Searching for roots

Surprisingly, ancestry tests attracted public eye throughout recent years. Companies like and 23andMe in particular have provided thousands of consumers with information based on their genealogical background. And many haven’t questioned the accuracy of the results of those tests, until now …
The procedure for testing ancestry is reasonably simple, with saliva swabs used to determine the customer’s ethnicity and where they came from. Going by the data from two companies aforementioned, many people have attested the results seem to be pretty accurate. But as the Dahm triplets take tests, the game will prove otherwise, however, this would eventually be called into question.

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History review

Undeniably, there have been many success stories about these tests done by these companies. In one case, a man lost an astonishing 40 pounds in one month; and upon visiting a doctor, he found out that he had a disease. Understandably, he tried to curtail this by changing his diet, but this had little effect. However, after taking a test, he realized he was at risk — genetically — for celiac disease. Thanks to 23andMe, he was able to make the necessary changes. That being said, these processes, like many others, may not be perfect …

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Taking the test and the ensuing anticipation

It is clearly known that the saliva test itself takes little time but the process of sending and receiving results takes time. In total, it can take reportedly a couple of weeks to fully process and later receive the results. Medically, it has been proven that identical twins have exactly the same DNA. This fact didn’t deter the reporter from examining how identical, in terms of heritage and genealogical track, the Dahm triplets are.

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Taking a look back before the DNA test

The anticipation for DNA test is disturbing regardless of your position. Dahm triplets, could not guesse what awaited them. After all, they started out from a small town in Minnesota, modeled for Playboy, made an appearance on Boy Meets World, and now were about to appear on The Doctors. It is hard to believe what could happen to them if the results come out otherwise. Their lives are really in jeopardy!

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First Tests and results

The D-day came which is the test to find out their DNA ancestry. They took the saliva test, and mailed it to 23andMe. Apparently, it only takes a couple weeks for the results to arrive, which was probably an excruciatingly long amount of time for the triplets. The first results came in, and obviosly no surprises. They were indeed identical. Wow, we didn’t see that coming! Just kidding, of course, I expect it. Apparently, they’re so similar that Erica is able to open Nicole’s safe thanks to having nearly identical fingerprints. This is impressing!

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The second test results

This test would examine their ancestral originality as well as ethnicity. However, the next test revealed something that would shock the world, and perhaps gave the triplets much more than they bargained for. And as you may have guessed, the triplets were hoping for — and perhaps presumptive of — similar results for the second test. But as the results would indicate, their preconceived notions of what would ensue were pretty much blown up in their faces.

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Not 100% identical

What would wear smiles on their face is that the first test proved 99% of their DNA was from a European origin. However, it was the last 1% that ended up being the most controversial. And as the tests came in for the last 1%, the crowd, and of course the world spectators, were shocked to see the results. Shockingly, there were differences in other ethnicity percentages though small between the triplets. One test showed Erica was a combined 16% British and Irish, while Nicole’s results came back with her having a 2% increase in both Irish and British ancestry in comparison to Erica. This further compounded the situation given that they are from same egg?

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Bigger differences, bigger problems

After the first test, more results came streaming in; and the conclusions weren’t exactly what the triplets wanted to hear. The problem, mainly, was that there were even bigger gaps between all three of them. Even the third person could really be surprised by the big differences in results. According to 23andMe’s findings, the three were way off the chart when it came down to French and German heritage. Erica has 23%, Jaclyn has 18%, and Nicole is at 11%. Upon seeing this, the triplets were understandably in disbelief and the audience gasped in awe.

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More Confusion

Scandinavian roots results were good and bad at the same time. Unlike the last analysis, there was some good news with this one. In this case, both Erica and Jaclyn shared 7.4% of Scandinavian ancestry. This is awesome as sharing means identical but Nicole’s results would be a totally different story … it is becoming a complex puzzle now. The exam showed Nicole was actually at 11.4% Scandinavian ancestry. Since they share the same DNA, do you think this is possible? This is intended to confuse the audience even more than before …

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Just for entertainment or for a good cause?

After the results came funneling through, Dr. Travis Stork (host on The Doctors) began to claim that these ancestry companies might not be all they’re cracked up to be. As the triplets tried to keep their emotions in check, Stork basically said the outlook of these shouldn’t be taken too seriously. He later added these kinds of tests should mainly be used for “entertainment” purposes and not for serious inquiries into one’s genealogical background. Given that the Dahm triplets rose to fame due to their likeness these results could downgrade their life in a trick of a clock. Dr. Travis further lamented that the trio have made a living off of their likeness.

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Fueling the skepticism

That’s when Guerrero chimed in and mentioned she has always been skeptical of the tests, and claimed they aren’t as accurate as they may seem to be. Stork also backed up her claims, giving some minor solace to the triplets. And while Guerrero wasn’t too hyped about the tests, she said she wouldn’t be opposed to trying them in the future. She later recommended that it might be best for someone to see a real doctor if they want to discover their ancestry. Now, the question inevitably became what comes next for the Dahm triplets’ future …?

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Life after the DNA test … divorce rumors, more children?

After all the shock and pandemonium, the Dahm sisters set their sights on a new life of sorts. They proved all the doubters wrong — looking flawless and pursuing marriages. To top it all off, they also had three babies all around the same time, which was just a few years after the test. But not everything was great as it seemed. There were multiple reports of divorce rumors swirling around Jay and Erica McGraw. But despite all that, the three sisters have gone on to garner impressive success both professionally and in their personal lives.

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Some YouTube fame and stardom

On a scale of 1-10, I can comfortably, award 8 in their career progression. After DNA test they continued to appear in many TV shows further increasing their presence in the media fraternity. Most recent appearances being on Relic Hunter — a show about a professor whose main goal is to return ancient relics to their former owners. They’ve also taken their talents to the YouTube realm. In fact, they decided to launch a cooking channel called TripletsGourmet, where they give advice on how to cook some of their favorite recipes. The channel has a high potential growth rate only that they are so active.

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Carrying on their legacy

In view of their lives as celebrities as well as successful venture, the Dahm triplets have made it through thick and thin. Despite challenges such as divorce rumors, DNA ancestry doubts, and all the life pressure that come with being public figures, they have successfully made it. In an interview with Playboy, Erica mulled, “It was a fun and fast ride, and the best part was my sisters doing it with me.” As it can be seen, the trio are enjoying life together either as celebs or normal people. However, the triplets haven’t ruled out future Playboy photo shoots and events in future. Nobody knows perhaps they might get back to their celebrity re;evancy once more. Whichever the case, it’s hard to complain when you’re the Dahm triplets.

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