Test Your IQ Now With The Most Mind-Blowing Riddles Ever Created!

Which Line Is Longer? The answer may seem obvious, but be careful with what you choose

Remember not all as is as meets the eyes..
Can you tell which line is longer?
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Hint #1

How many lines do you see?
How would you define a line?
Take another look
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Hint #2

Imagine walking on the lines
Which will present a longer walk?
You'll be surprised how many fail this
Got the answer?
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The Answer!

The answer is of course obvious
Line A is longer
As I said, you'll be surprised how many people, in spite the obvious answer,
answer B just because they think they are fooled somehow
Trust yourself in the next though riddle!

How many ducks are in this picture? 96% Fail It!

This might look easy in first sight but I assure you, this test favors the sharp minded with high level of IQ.
This classic riddle has trapped most of those who attempted it.
So without further introduction, how many ducks are there in this picture?

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Hint #1

Size doesn't matter... A Duck is a Duck is a Duck
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