Test Your IQ Now With The Hardest Riddles Ever Created!

How many holes are there in the T-shirt? Remember not all as is as meets the eyes..

I bought my son a new shirt. Off course the first time he wore it it was completely torn.
I told him I'll forgo the punishment if he tells me how many holes are there in the shirt overall.
Can you help him escape a week without TV?
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Hint #1

How many holes are there?
How many sides does a shirt have?
Try looking at your shirt
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Hint #2

Imagine pouring water into the shirt
Where would they spill from?
Where would they flow?
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The Answer!

It's never mentioned which holes we're looking for
4 holes (2 on each side) from the accident, head hole, 2 hands and the body hole =
8 holes all together
Now that we're all warmed up try the next one!

How many ducks are in this picture? 96% Fail It!

This might look easy in first sight but I assure you, this test favors the sharp minded with high level of IQ.
This classic riddle has trapped most of those who attempted it.
So without further introduction, how many ducks are there in this picture?

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Hint #1

Size doesn't matter... A Duck is a Duck is a Duck
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