The Ultimate American Patriot Test

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TL:DR – Many misconceptions about real American history out there. Check yourself here.

America is considered as one of the most powerful counties in the world and this is due to advanced technology, economy and even military forces that have secured other counties. This growth did not occur overnight and has been progressive. This quiz has all kinds of trivia about it. The topics could literally be about anything with America! Good luck everyone!

Press the button below to start the ultimate American patriot quiz. Being a United States citizen means a long list of various rights and duties. Any patriot citizen or even someone who is a bit curious about the country he lives in should carry some extended knowledge about America and its special history.

So many great moments and miracles in the history which led to the birth of the United States. Great actions and explorations made by great man and people looking for a fresh start and were willing to leave their life behind for a chance to the better life, free to endeavour in their own way. The least we can do, as Americans, is study our history as much as possible to remember them and what inspired them.

Can you pass a simple true or false quiz about the first colonies, the flag, government, nature and figures who shaped the reality we live in for good and bad?
We believe real patriots should get at lease 90% right. Some of the questions are misleading (that’s how we like it) so make sure you read the questions carefully.

Think you don’t know nothing but like to learn more? This quiz is great for you as well. We promise even experts will learn something new they didn’t know about America.

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Good luck!